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Data as of 2/28/2017 (unless noted) Symbol Investment
NAV NAV Change Standardized

MLP & Pipeline Fund (NASDAQ: TORTX)

The Fund focuses on the large and diverse North American pipeline universe, providing access to the sizable pipeline network of one of the world's largest consumers of energy.

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TORTX Total Return North American Pipeline Equity $14.21 $0.00 More Info

North American Energy Independence Fund (NASDAQ: TNPTX)

The Fund provides a dedicated focus on North American crude oil and natural gas production, which supports energy independence.

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TNPTX Total Return North American
Oil & Gas Producers Equity
$8.28 $-0.07 More Info

Select Opportunity Fund (NASDAQ: TOPTX)

The Fund targets investments benefiting from catalyst-driven opportunistic themes across the energy value chain and its beneficiaries.

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TOPTX Total Return North American
Energy Companies and Beneficiaries
$9.71 $-0.09 More Info